Have YOU ever felt like a failure? So much of a failure that you just stopped trying?

Maybe Alfred E. Neuman knew something we do not.

Maybe Alfred E. Neuman knew something we do not.

I’ve got news for you! YOU are NOT alone!
You CAN learn!
You CAN succeed!
You CAN become what you were intended to be!
How do I know? Because I have felt many times like a failure. Then when I got over pitying myself, I DECIDED to change. I decided that I can do better.


I have READ of many people considered failures that went on to be VERY FAMOUS. 

Famous Failures

Famous Failures


Now success is relevant. We may not become a rock star, great doctor, famous scientist, hockey legend or politician to be remembered. Or maybe we will.


But in your world circle, YOU CAN be what we are supposed to be and be the VERY BEST YOU that you can be.


I am not saying give up on your “I want to be famous” dreams. Go for them if you can. But some of us need to learn to be a unique individual, fitting like that perfect piece in a jigsaw puzzle, into the “puzzle” that is our world.


One of our purposes in this website is to encourage “genius”. Genius that might be locked up inside you, needing, wanting to be released.


We are building a databank of people who at one time were nobodies or considered failures and overcame to become what they were always intended to be.


BUT, we have to WANT to try. Read some of the stories and see what happened to some others.


Overcoming Failure

Failure Can Be Positive or Negative

Failure is a learning tool. Thomas Edison failed a thousand times before he invented the light bulb. Failure is trying to do things others have not considered. It is a temporary byproduct of creativity. It is challenging the learning process. It is experiential education at work. The real winners in life tolerate failure and the agony it produces. Success is achieved by those who are willing to take risk and lose.

This is how this page in the Motivational Tools website starts off.

 [Editor: I like the quote above BUT it is not always true. Some individuals can spend a whole lifetime trying to follow dreams and not get any closer to them before they die. Sometimes, if you have tried and cannot make a success of your dream, then it may be just a dream. You may have to be practical and try something conventional and work on your dreams on a part-time basis or as a hobby instead of a full-time occupation.]
Ever heard of AIM? AOL Instant Messenger?

See what the CEO of AOL says…
“If everything you do works, you are not trying hard enough.”

“I want to find people who have had to work hard and who have learned from their failures.

Perseverance is no guarantee you’ll succeed, but without it, it’s almost guaranteed you won’t”

- Steve Case, CEO of America on- Line


This person:At age 22 – Failed in business;

At age 23 – Was defeated for the State Legislature: At age 24 – Again failed in business;

At age 25 – Was elected to the State Legislature;

At age 26 – His sweetheart died;

At age 27 – He suffered a nervous breakdown;

At age 29 – Was defeated for speaker;

At age 31 – Was defeated for elector;

At age 34 – Was defeated for Congress;

At age 37 – Was elected to Congress;

At age 39 – Was defeated for Congress;

At age 46 – Was defeated for the Senate;

At age 47 – Was defeated for Vice-President;At age 49 – Was defeated for the Senate;

At age 51 – Was elected President of the United States.

This person was Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln

Do you ever feel like a failure? Do you think Abraham Lincoln did?

Do Not you let your failure stop you in doing good things.


Ezine Article About Overcoming Failure  fail-convicttunnel2outhouse

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  1. Smartness or intelligence is often not connected to reality. The most intelligent should never be world leaders as they often tend to have their head in the sand OR in the clouds!

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